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A laceration is a tear in the skin, commonly known as a “cut”. Lacerations usually result from an injury.


An abscess is a tender mass generally surrounded by a colored area from pink to deep red.

Cast Check

A cast is used to help keep your injured area from moving so you can heal faster without risk of repeated injury.

Suture Removal

Most simple sutures are removed 7-10 days after placement, depending on location. Sutures on the face are removed after 5 days to decrease scarring.

Sore Throats

Bacteria, viruses, allergies and stomach acid can cause a sore throat. When a bacterial infection occurs it can be from:

Strep throat,

Cold and Flu

Symptoms of the common cold include nasal congestion, watery eyes, body aches, fevers and mucus drainage.

Allergic Reactions

These usually involve redness, a rash, hives, and itchiness. While feeling the urge to scratch your skin off is not pleasant,

Mild Asthma Attack

Asthma is a common respiratory illness affecting millions of children and adults each year. The symptoms of asthma include:

Feeling short of breath
Frequent coughing
Difficulty breathing
Chest tightness
Breathing faster than usual

These symptoms are usually caused by constriction of the smaller airways,

Vitamin Injections

Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients that serve a specific purpose and benefit the body in a unique way.

COVID-19 Testing in Los Angeles

Manchester Urgent Care and Medical Group is pleased to announce we have partnered with UDX Laboratories to perform COVID-19 PCR Swab testing with next day results.

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