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Allergic Reactions

These usually involve redness, a rash, hives, and itchiness. While feeling the urge to scratch your skin off is not pleasant, it won’t kill you.

  • Immediately stop taking whatever medication that triggered it.
  • If it’s due to an animal, get away from the scene. Removing the dog will not do anything about the dander that it leaves behind.
  • Take an antihistamine. Pop an antihistamine tablet if you don’t mind being awake or a cough/cold syrup if you want to sleep.
  • To deal with the rash, apply different kinds of sprays and creams. Hydrocortisone should be a basic staple in an allergic person’s household. There are prescription level ones too. Some pharmacies carry an anti-itch spray that contains zinc acetate.
  • Other suggestions are to take an oatmeal bath and avoid sunlight. Keeping a minor allergic reaction from turning into a full blown attack is the primary goal.
  • If you are having trouble breathing or feel that your throat is swelling, call 911. That is an emergency.

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