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Cast Check

A cast is used to help keep your injured area from moving so you can heal faster without risk of repeated injury. The amount of time you’ll need to wear one depends on the type of injury you have and how serious it is. We typically check your cast 1-3 days after putting it on to be sure that it isn’t too tight and that your injury is starting to heal.

What Can I Do About Itching?

If your skin itches underneath the cast, don’t slip anything sharp or pointed inside it to try and itch the spot. This could damage your skin and you could get an infection. Instead, try tapping the outside or blowing air from a hair dryer down into the cast.

What else should I know?

Try to keep the area around the edge of the cast clean and moisturized, but do not put lotion down inside it. Check the skin around the cast for irritation, chafing or sores.

Check in with us if a bad smell is coming from the inside of your cast, especially if you are running a fever. This may mean you have an infection.

Don’t break off or file down any part of the cast. This could weaken it and make it more likely to crack or break. If there is an area that is uncomfortable, try padding it with soft adhesive tape or a small towel.

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