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Fractures and Sprains

Many orthopedic injuries are defined by the kind of tissue that’s damaged, be it bone, ligament, or tendon. A fracture describes a break, or crack, in a bone. This can happen to any bone, for example the bone in the wrist when falling on an outstretched hand, or a rib after a car accident.

A sprain is the term that describes damage to ligaments when they are stretched beyond their normal range of motion. A sprain can range from many microscopic tears in the fibers that comprise the ligament to a complete tear or rupture. This is a common injury when the ankle is inverted, or “rolled,” and can result in swelling and the inability to put weight on the joint for days to weeks.

A strain refers to damage to muscles and tendons as a result of being pulled or stretched too far. Strains often occur in the back, many times after heavy lifting, or lifting something while positioned incorrectly.

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